Friday, July 25, 2008

Well guess what? I'm still here haven't went any where. LOL I was going to read tonight but decided I'd blog a little and maybe read some and then blog some more. :) Man not really sure where to start it's been a very busy month. My son went to came the week of the fourth and my friend from work lost her sister-in-law that week. :( I survived the day I thought would be terrible which was the 7th but then the rest of that week went down hill. :( First my air went out on that Tuesday night, got it fixed on Wednesday afternoon. :) I had counseling on that Thursday which I think was a good thing because I had a very bad day that day. :( Oh I started back with Hands of Grace on the 13th and that was awesome to me. The group is very small now but still just as loving as ever. :) They were so welcoming to me :) I guess that I had a pretty good week after that ... I got my hair cut that Thursday and then meet Hands of Grace at a church on Phoenix and that was great!! Then on that Saturday my parents had a cook out for the Robinson side of the family and I made some brownies and took. Then Sunday was church then Hands of Grace and a women's meeting that afternoon. This week Matthew left Wednesday morning for the beach and he'll be back Saturday late or Sunday in the early hour. Tomorrow Hands of Grace is performing at the nursing home ... I know they've done that several times but this will be my first. :) Well I'm going to stop here ... I know I didn't blog as much as I thought I would be I fixed me a glass of wine when I sat down and turned on some Toby Mac and it's hard to blog and bounce and sing. :) God is Good He's Still in Control and He's Worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Still here just haven't had time to blog :( ... I'll have to have my calendar handy when I find some extra time. Yesterday I started back with Hand of Grace and that was a blast :) We learned a new song for Sunday night ... sure wish I had the music to practice to but this was sort of last minute and she didn't have time to make copies for the group.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm still here ... things are still crazy at work. :) Guess that's a good thing because I'm staying very very busy. :) Just as soon as I find some free time (LOL) I'll have to blog a catch up blog. Things are going great for the most part the rest I'm just taking with a grain of salt, life is too short to let things keep you upset.

Good is Good, He is still in Control and He's worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!