Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh My It's been awhile

Oh my can't believe how long it's been since I blogged :( will try to get better at this but got lots going on. :) Lets see where to begin. I've been a Grandma since March 3rd of this year. Then in April I had surgery and this month I've started counting calories (that isn't fun at all).

Sierra made her presence know March 3rd that was just awesome words can't describe that. I never want to forget that moment and I hope I get to experience it again but much later on. LOL Can't belive it's been over 3 months now but she is a cutie I call her SweetPea :)
My surgery went great ... still don't think my hormones are right yet ... been told it takes about six months :( but I'm at the stage where I just like being by myself. :( I know that's not good but I've been getting lots of reading done during this time. In fact I tell myself every Saturday night that I'm going to get up the next morning and head to church, but end up in my chair watching the New Spring Webcampus instead ... it can be found at the following link on Sundays at 11:15, 2 and 6 . On a plus note instead of being out of work six weeks I was only out 4 weeks which was great.

Yes I started counting calories on Wednesday, June 17th, and discovered that I'm not eating enough but I was sick that day. So I've been writting down everything including breath mints LOL I'm averaging around 1500+ calories a day and according to the webmd web site I only 1200 calories. Now I did buy a Wii Fit for me and my son and so far I've stuck w/it for 10 straight days. :) I skipped today well except to show my son something so I think I got in 8 minutes but I guess that's better than skipping the whole day.

This weekend was a busy weekend for me ... well it started on Thursday night during the storm. I cleaned the carpet in my sons room, then on Friday I got home and worked on trying to clean the siding, then worked out on the wii for 30 minutes then cleaned the carpet in my living room/dinning room (don't use the dinning room as a dinning room use it for a computer / puzzle area instead. Then on Saturday I went and got groceries and came home was washed the siding out back and then out front ... I still got to clean the windows (but I hate cleaning windows!) I also found time to do the Wii and then I read until bedtime.

~LaTeR~ (hopefully it won't be as long til the next post)