Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well it's the end of the month so that probably means I will not be blogging tomorrow. :( I may not even get to finish today. Normally I'm slow at the end of the month but not this month. :) I actually just realized it was Wednesday and it's almost 11:30 a.m. I was slow getting started this morning and stayed slow in my task of getting ready for work and forgot to put on one of my medicines.

Now I'm listening to a Podcast about The Problem with People Pleasing ... what makes this interesting is that they are talking about boundaries and if you remember the book I'm reading is "Boundaries with Kids". :) I knew I was working on my attitudes with certain people but I think along with that I'm going to start working on my boundaries with others. :) This might get interesting, but will be very hard for me. All of us have problems with People Pleasing and we do not need to let this control our lives. We need to only be worrying about Pleasing God!!! "If you are a people pleasing person you are a SLAVE!!! "You are overly concerned about you reputation if you are a people pleaser." We desire approval ... duh. Fear God not Man! The inability to say no is a characteristic of a people pleaser. I think I'm going to keep this podcast for a little while so I can keep refreshing on it. It's been a very informative and I have to keep rewinding it so I can re-listen to something that was just said. :)

I'm back from lunch went to the ice cream parlor and had my usual. I shouldn't have done this because I was so hoping to run by Star Bucks tonight and get my favorite there. :( Shame Shame on me ... and I have the nerve to fuss about gaining weight and my clothes not fitting. :( :) I'm listening to Joyce Meyer now "Let the Main Thing Be the Main Thing." hmmm interesting. At the end of that podcast Joyce suggest that everyone should read 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 everyday OUT LOUD. Man I'm listening to some GREAT topics today from Joyce Meyer ... now I'm listening to Temptation and Self-Control. :)

Need to end here today ... will try my best to blog tomorrow and Friday.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I finally figured out how I'm getting behind on my emails ... not checking them on the weekends. :) LOL Which this past weekend I started out good keeping up with checking them but ended up not checking them on Sunday. I'm thinking since I'm not knitting right now I need to go on special notice with the grps that I am in. :) I'm still reading "Boundaries with Kids" in fact I have 5 chapters left but with jotting down notes it's taking me forever to read.

At lunch my friend got bad news about her sister in-law. :( She (the sister in-law) had gone to the doctor Monday and was told she would have to have a hysterectomy this Thursdays due to a mass the size of a cantaloupe ... well they got a phone call this morning and her blood work came back very elevated and she was told she has cancer. This is just terrible for this family as they just lost their mom 2 yrs ago to cancer. So if anyone is reading my blog please please PRAY for this family.

I think I'm finished blogging for today ... I'll will update on my friends sister in-law when I find out more information.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I hope that since I've not posted since Thursday that I will remember what all I need to blog about today. :) Guess I'll start with Thursday evening and then go forward all the way to yesterday. :) Well it's late in the day and I am not sure I will finish but if I don't I'll try one day this week. :) Let's see ... Thursday after work I went and got my son and headed home to walk. He wanted to know what I was doing Friday and I told him I guessed I'd be working ... LOL was trying to pull one over on him again. OK got home and I got ready to go walk and once everyone that was walking got to my house we headed out. :) We ran across (well sort-of) a moped that looked like it had been dumped but we went ahead and finished our walk and on the way back the Moped was still there so we called the non-emergency number to see if anyone had reported one stolen. So we waited around for the cop to get there so he would know he was at the right place. Made it back and I started supper which was ham or turkey sandwiches. Then, after my son and his dad got on my nerves I finally gave in and told him that I was off and that we were going to Columbia. Wish I had of had my camera to take his picture. He had the cutest grin once I told him what the plan was. Well my son thought I was working and he wanted to spend the night with his cousin and I was trying to get him to stay home. Gave in to that too and let him go off with him knowing that he would have to be home early the next morning. While is aunt was there picking him up a car pulled into the street in front of my house and just sat there with there break lights on. Now this was scary to me knowing that who ever was in this car knew that my son and just left and I didn't know if they knew someone else was at my house or not but anyways I called Allen and he came over and come to find out it was 2 women just sitting in a car which that had just put in park right before Allen got there. Now I'm just curious as to why these 2 women would just park and leave the car running with gas as high as it is???? Now the funny thing I guess you could say they actually pulled into a drive way and after a few minutes one of the ladies got in the van that was parked in the drive way and the other one went into the house. This totally confused me as to why they just didn't pull in the drive way and cut the car off and finish talking. I think I've decided to call the cops next time so this lady will know that she is making a neighbor very scared. Is it just me or was this not just crazy???

OK got up Saturday morning and got ready to go and sat and read until the boys got there to leave. We went through the drive thru for breakfast and took off. :) Made it to Columbia Mall safe and sound, and I walked my legs off. Left there and stopped by Books-a-Million and I bet I was in there almost an hour ... would have stayed longer if I had of had more time. :) Seems like every time I get to go to a book store my son is past ready to go so I have to cut my time short. :( Guess I need to start out at the book store first. :) Left Columbia got on the interstate and glanced at a sign that I thought said Clinton was 7 miles and I was excited just to realize it wasn't Clinton on that sign. LOL So anyways we booked it home and I dropped the boys off at home and I went home and read until I crashed I think. No I didn't either ... I went to Chick-fil-A and got me and my parents supper and went to their house and we walked after supper ... then I went home and crashed. (I'm telling you I'm getting old ... LOL)

Then is was Saturday. I got up and got sort of ready to go walk. Then I started in on my house work while I waited for my sister to get there so we could go walk. We ended up deciding that we would go to Wal-Mart to walk so I had to change my clothes, put on a tad of make-up and fix my hair. I think we were at Wal-Mart for 2 hours ... I actually tried one on the samples which was a Cesar salad and I liked it so I got the ingredients to make it. :) I also bought me a reclining outdoor chair. So after my sister left I heated up this chicken breast I bought in a pouch with barbecue sauce with a 90 second rice bag I bought and mixed those together and had that for lunch. Then I grabbed my book and headed outside to try out the new chair ... let me tell you I dosed off to sleep and my sister called and I jumped from the phone scaring me ... LOL. Got off the phone with her and I went inside and laid down in my bed and slept 2 hours. Got up and got ready and took off to JcPenny's and Wal-Mart, to see if I could find some light long sleeve shirts to wear while in my car or just to go outside in. I had saw a shirt in Columbia that I would have liked to of had but I didn't like the price ... it was over $80. I ended up getting 2 white shirts at JcPenny's one was regular price and one was .88 cents. :) Then at Wal-Mart found a shirt I liked it was on clearance for $3.00 and got to the register and it was .85 cents. Left there and debated on Star Bucks or Dairy Queen and finally decided I wanted Star Bucks. It was so GOOD!!!! (I had one Friday at the mall in Columbia.) Got home read for about 30 minutes and crashed. That was my Saturday.

Well then I got up Sunday morning very weak ... in fact so weak it hurt to walk across the floor. So I got back into bed and slept until 12. I was starving when I got up so I heated up the rice and chicken I had left from the day before and grabbed my book. :) You'd think I'd be finished with that book by now but I'm not. :( Oh and I went to Star Bucks around 2 to meet Allen and got the Frappuccino® Vanilla Bean Venti which that sizes has 600 calories... well the Grande has 470 and oh yeah there is an 8 oz difference in the cup sizes. Hmmmm if you don't get the whipped cream which I really don't care for the Venti has 490 calories. That sounds lots better. :) The Grande has 350 calories without the whipped cream. Not sure about the other flavors but I know that the Vanilla Bean is my favorite.

Well I got to stop here but that was pretty much my Sunday besides leaving Star Bucks and reclining on the couch and reading until bed time.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 24, 2008
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.

— Irish Proverb

This is the devotion I got today from Purpose Driven Life and I wanted to share it on my blog.
Loving Difficult People

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18 (NIV)

*** *** *** ***

When asked what he considered the most valuable skill in employees, the financier John D. Rockefeller replied, “The ability to get along with people!”

One of the most important skills we can develop as we walk with Christ is knowing how to love troublemakers. If you learn how to interact with difficult people, then you’ll be able to pour your energy into areas of ministry rather than constantly putting out fires of conflict.

Here are four methods Jesus modeled when he encounter difficult people:

1. Realize you can’t please everybody. Even God can’t do that! Refuse to play games (Matthew 22:18).

2. Learn to say no to unrealistic expectations. Confront them by “telling the truth in love.”

3.NEVER retaliate (Matthew 5:38-39). It only lowers you to their level.

4.Pray for them (Matthew 5:44). It will help both of you. Let God speak to them.

Well today is my Friday. :) I'm keeping it a surprise ... going to pull Matthew's leg this afternoon or tomorrow morning one. :) He asked me on Tuesday if I'd take Friday off, so when I got to work yesterday I asked my boss and he said that would be fine. I'm hoping to get in at least an extra hour of sleep in the morning. :) I think we will have our normal bedtime routine that way he will get up in the morning. Got to really give this some thought as to how I'm going to do it. :)
I plan on walking this evening but haven't made up my mind yet where that will take place. I'm also thinking that I'm going to start doing some sit-ups and crunches in the afternoons as well. My pants are so tight that I can hardly breathe today. :( I keep telling myself I've got to buckle down and so far I haven't but I'm really going to have to do something because I really don't want to go buy work clothes. :( Think I'll start weighing in every week and writing down and that should give me the boost I need ... or at least I hope it will. :)
Well guess I'll stop here and will try to blog sometime this weekend. ;) Maybe try to go get some memory for my computer so it will actually let us do something. My son and I get so mad at that STUPID COMPUTER!!! In fact I think that's why I get behind on my craft emails because I don't check them at home on the weekends.
God is Good, He is Still in Control, and He is worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guess what???? It's Hump Day!!! I've been on a roll this week ... and still behind at work. :( To my surprise I haven't really stressed over it too much. :) I give all the Thanks to the Lord for all that he is doing and helping me to do in my life. :) I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am in life as I am now. Yes there is stress all around me day in and day out but I'm praying about it leaving it with the Lord and pressing onward. :) Why couldn't I have learned this lesson a long time ago. Meagan is trying to drag me into her drama now and I'm refusing to let her. I think she needs to figure out this time how to get out of her situation instead of relying on someone to fix things for her. Sometimes you just have to have that hard love and one day she will be thankful that she had to solve her own problems. I know I've heard it's always easy for the person on the outside looking in to know what the person needs to do and that person will not listen. Well me and several others have tried to tell her what to do but she just won't listen. I just don't understand but it's in the Lord's hands now.

On a better note .... my brother in-law is getting to go home from the hospital tonight. He's still in pain but his blood has started to thin. We just need to keep him in prayer that he will be healed. :) I know pain is not a good thing and to be in it every day is just not good.

I don't think I've updated lately on keeping on track ... I'm still caught up on my Bible reading and my podcast that I listen to. :) Guess you could say my podcast are caught up I normally take off what I have listened to and add new items once a week. At one point and time I couldn't add anything because I wasn't taking enough off. I want to one of these days to be able to go back and listen to the ones I've left on my I-Pod. :)

Well it's getting close to going home time today ... I've let time slip up on me again. LOL

God is Good, He is still in Control, and He is Worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So far this has been a stressful day and I'm trying very hard not to let this get to me. It started out before leaving home ... I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed, then after we did get on the road I got all the way to the High School, and had to turn around and go back home. I didn't have my badge to get in at work or at least I didn't think I had it but after going back home and not finding it we found it in my purse. I didn't really start stressing until after I let Matthew out and I got behind a lady that wouldn't go the speed limit and I couldn't pass her any where. :( So I was late for work which was my own fault. I should have gotten up on time. :( Oh and once I did get to work of all mornings a boss was sitting in my office chatting with one of my co-workers. (Of all mornings)

After work yesterday I picked up my son and we hurried to the Shepherd's Shoppe to get my mom a gift certificate instead of trying to pick out another book. :) I forgot to go by the CVS on the way home. :( Got home got a load of clothes started and watered the back yard then waited on my sister and her girls so we could go walk. (I actually worked a few pieces on the puzzle I am working on.) We ended up not walking until almost 7 last night so that threw the whole night off, and at 10:30 I was still wide away. I normally can go right to sleep when my head hits the pillows but not last night. :) I think that has a lot to do with the OCD getting off schedule just throws everything off. I forgot all about the clothes I had started so Matthew would have something to wear today, but at least I remembered before I went to bed to put them in the dryer. :) After we walked we went to Chick-fil-A to eat ... one of my nieces had a fit because the other niece was going to ride with me so after my son called to find out where I was because I had told him I was on the way I just put both girls in my car and let her win. I was telling her on the way that yeah she got her way this time but it wouldn't happen again. She was like oh yeah I'll win next time too. (You can't help but laugh but she is only 5 yrs old) ... well by this time my son had give up on me and was mad said he wasn't coming to go without him then called back a few minutes later said his dad was bringing him. Well he wanted a sandwich (which he didn't eat) and went and sat in my car waiting on me to drive him thru the drive thru for ice cream (which I did do, and guess what he might have eaten 1/4 of it) :(

Well got to end here I've been dragging at work all day and you can really tell because I haven't gotten much done and now its 15 minutes until it's time to go home so I better get something done before then. :)

God is Good, He is Still in Control and He is Worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The picture to the right was taken Friday night. My sister came by the house on her way home to get me to show her how to do something with her new I-Pod. Then after she left I found the notes I had written down still on the desk. LOL She had dropped off Travis and the oldest girls 5 and 3 at the lake to fish while she came to walk and go eat. When she got back to pick them up she said he was sitting there holding 2 sleeping girls. :) I think I went to bed right after she called to let me know she had made it home. :)

Saturday I got up and messed around making tea and straightening the house a little bit ... got the dishwasher loaded and hand washed a few that I didn't want in the dishwasher. :) Then I got my flower pots out that I wanted to paint and painted them with the cobalt blue paint and then I left to go to town while that paint dried so that I wouldn't get impatient waiting. Came back got the white paint out and finished up my pots and went back to town. I had forgotten that I wanted to get my son a book this weekend and I needed to run before the store closed to get it. :) Got all my flowers planted that I had bought (if you look closely in the picture below you will see 2 of the flower pots with my flowers in them. :) I guess I need to take a picture of the yard and post before my son messes it up playing basketball. I know the yard it looking better since all the clutter has been moved, but it's only been moved to the patio now. LOL My sister called and they were going to Lee's Barbecue so I met them there and had supper with them. :) Left from there and went to Wal-Mart and then I went home to get my shower and hit the sack ... my sister called has I was getting out of the shower to let me know she was taking Travis to the ER could I keep the girls.

Here is a picture that my sister took yesterday (Sunday) of me and 2 of her girls. :) They spent the night with me on Saturday because my sister had to take her husband (their dad) to the ER. Lydia wouldn't go to sleep for nothing LOL she stay up until 1 am so I told them they would get up with the chickens because they were going to church. :) It was kind of funny when morning came when I was waking them up I was reminding them that I had told them they needed to go to sleep because we'd get up with the chickens. They wanted to know where the chickens were ... LOL So they got up and moving around and I got them in the tub to bathe while I put on my make up. Got finished with that and got them breakfast and we got dressed and made it out the door just in time to get to church early I guess you could say or right on time. :) After church we meet a friend of mine at La-Ha for lunch then headed to my house to try to take a nap .... I got about a 30 minute nap in couldn't get both girls to lay down at the same time. I had figured since they had stayed up until 1 am and I got them up at 7 that it wouldn't be a problem getting them to take a nap. I did put on a movie that we watched while laying down. :) My mom called late in the evening and asked if I had decided to treat her like Meagan was treating her. I had already told her that I hadn't gotten much sleep and that I had the girls. I had planned on going over there this weekend I painted her a flower pot and planted a flower for her but I didn't make it.

Well it's a typical Monday. :) I actually stayed in bed about 30 minutes longer this morning ... I should have known better. Mike was suppose to take our son to school but he called and said he was running late. So I picked up my pace a little bit so I could leave in time to get him dropped off at school and to work on time ... I made it early. :) I even remembered my moms flower .... it's out in my car and yes I left my windows down so it wouldn't get to hot and die. I need to take a picture of it ... if I don't forget I'll do that once I get to my mom's this afternoon. ;) Well I've got to stop here will try to blog again tomorrow. :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Alright it's Friday!!! How did you like my post yesterday??? I thought I was going to have time to blog but didn't. LOL Going to try to get some things blogged about today.

My mom is doing great and I've really been surprised at how she has done. So has only complained about 2 things ... 1. how bad it hurts getting out of the bed and I understand that completely. 2. Her house needs to be cleaned (it's not dirty) ... I told her this morning maybe she could dust with the swifter duster. I don't think she liked that idea too much. Now I know your thinking that I should go out there and clean her house for her so let me clarify why I will not do this ... I won't do it to her liking, she would find something to complain about. That's just how she is, and she will tell you real quick that my house needs to be cleaned.

Well I am home now ... been having trouble with my stomach the last couple of days cramping ... and now I have the runs. Maybe I will get some blogging in in between running to the bathroom and laying down. :) I really wanted to stay at work but the bathroom just wasn't close enough to my desk. :(

Now lets see ... I finished the book "Battlefield of the Mind" written by Joyce Meyer and I ended up with I think 24 note cards filled out front and back. :) I really recommend this book to everyone (I think the whole world needs to read it), and I even shared about it with my counselor last night. I'm planning on going and getting my son the Teen Battlefield of the Mind but he says he's not going to read it ... our counselor thinks it would be great if he would read it. Guess I will have to figure out a way to make him read it. I've already suggested he could read it while I'm reading in the evenings ... but he said NO!!! I'm reading "Boundaries with Kids" now and instead of note cards I picked my up some steno books and I'm using it to take notes. :) So far its a lot easier with the steno book taking notes instead of the note cards but I so love note cards. :) Just fixing to start chapter 3 ... it takes me so long to read a book when I want to jot down notes from it. :) I've got a couple of other books lined up to read after this one but not going to say which it will be because I keep changing up what I do read next. (I think I need to stay away from the book store and the book section at the store) LOL I actually got the book "Boundaries" that I was going to read but then I discovered that I had this one "Boundaries with Kids" so I started it first. I wonder if my knitting needles are missing me???

My counseling session went pretty good last night, my son would go in and talk with her last night. I told her that he seemed to be doing great the past few weeks. (Hope I don't regret saying that) I know in one of my sessions we had talked about him having OCD, and she told me last night that I have OCD too. I pulled it up at work to see what all it said about it. It was pretty interesting to me, after reading the material I pulled up I guess because I have OCD that I passed it on to my son. :( Now that I know I can understand somethings that I couldn't really understand before. I know that my doctor has talked to me about my serotonin levels but I don't guess I ever really understood it until my counselor explained it to me last night. She was comparing to someone who has high blood pressure or high cholesterol and they have to take medication to help them in that area and that I should take medication that helps me with my serotonin levels since I've already been told that I have trouble with that. I just hate taking medication!!!! :(

I just woke up :( I was just a blogging away and had to run to the bathroom and was cramping so bad I just laid across my bed and I fell asleep. :) Not sure how I'm feeling right this minute, but I'm hoping I feel up to walking in a little while, not sure about eating out but I could eat my shoe right about now. :) Maybe I can eat and just come straight home that way if I get sick I'll be at home instead of having to worry how I'm going to make it home. The ride from Abbeville this morning almost got me. My stomach hasn't been this bad in a very long time, or lets just say when I do have trouble with it I'm normally already at home. :)

Well I just went and got my son and he's already making plans for his weekend. He's wanting to go to his cousins tonight. :( Guess I shouldn't frown I should just enjoy the time since it doesn't happen very often. :) I actually plan on reading this evening and then getting up tomorrow cleaning house then back to my book. I'd like to go to Anderson and use my coupon at Books-a-Million but I think I can use it online too. (Will have to look it expires 4/29)

Well I guess I'm finished blogging for today. :-)

God is Good, He is Still in Control and He's worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh boy it's Thursday!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well it's hump day already :) I didn't get a chance Monday night or yesterday to blog, it the season for Headaches now. :( It's just so pretty outside and its not too hot for me to be outside either. I did put on my jacket yesterday afternoon and grabbed my book and sat outside reading and jotting down notes from it until it got too chilly for me. Once Matthew got off the bus yesterday I let him go in and see my mom then we took off so he wouldn't bother her so she could rest. So far I think she is doing great and the only problem she is having is getting up and down when she lays down. I told her she should be able to run the marathon by Friday. LOL I had forgotten that I had something to her about eating at the ice cream parlor on Friday, but I told her we would have to wait until next week. She sounded fine with that. I had already told 2 people that I could walk on Friday. I'm thinking that we should hit the mall walk a few rounds then head to La-Ha to grab some supper. :) I know tonight my son and I are having left overs and then tomorrow night if I eat it will be from a drive through on the way home.

Tonight is church night :) and as of right this minute I'm planning on going. I know I've got to run to the drug store on the way to get some medicine for the sinus headaches I'm getting. It shouldn't be a problem because I've already told my son that we were eating left overs tonight and I've got my Bible ready to grab too. I think I popped right out of the bed this morning so I had an extra few minutes to get things ready for my afternoon.:) I actually got to work at 7:30 this morning and got lots done :) ... I'm dragging now though. :)

Well I have to stop here for today ... will try to blog again tomorrow. I've got lots of thoughts that I want to blog about. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

I will not have time to blog today will try tonight or sometime tomorrow :)

My mom is having surgery tomorrow morning and we have to be there at 6:30 in the morning. So therefore I will not be at work tomorrow so I have to get 2 days of work done in one day. FUN FUN

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, I'm back at work today Thursday :) ... I went in to check my home email and had over 500 emails but now I'm down to 499. :( I've got to get busy here at work so it is going to be a little while before I can blog today if I even get a chance to blog today. I know I left a note card at home today that I wanted to write about so if I remember I'll try to insert it after I get home today ... that will depend on how I'm feeling too.
Well now it's Saturday early morning (6:35) and I just woke up. :) Guess you noticed I didn't finish blogging on Thursday and I didn't have time Friday. :) So I'm going to try to back track back to Thursday (that is what I can remember). :) Now Thursday was my Birthday and I think it was one of my BEST!!! I went to lunch at the Ice Cream Parlor with two of my best buddies, got back from lunch and I had flowers (now this was very confusing because I couldn't figure out who would have sent me flowers and I didn't guess correctly either) but they were from my walking buddy who I had just had lunch with and he just sat there at lunch and didn't say a word. [Now, I think I would have been hinting around :)] Let me tell you I was just tickled pink over these flowers ... they were so PRETTY!!! Below is a picture (took with my cell phone) along with my messy desk. :)

After work I was suppose to walk but my parents wanted to go eat so we went to I-Hop then after telling my parents bye we went and walked. And I think that was pretty much my day. :) Oh yeah my son surprised me when we went to Anderson on Saturday last weekend he bought something for me for my Birthday with his own money and I never even knew he bought anything ... guess he got me back for pulling things on him for his birthday. :-)
Now Friday was a pretty interesting day ... got up and got ready and even left on time to take my son to school and me to work on time. We were almost to school when I was reminding him to take his medicine ... he grabbed the cup of tea and it fell out of his hand :( ... so we went to my moms and she was going to take him to school for me after he got a shower and she got his clothes washed and dried but he was so upset ... he had put on a pair of my dads boxers and was having to hold them up and it was just so FUNNY. So we ended up leaving to come home and I just couldn't help but to keep laughing at him. :) I called my boss on the way home and told him I needed to take the day off so I could get my car cleaned up. Now my son wasn't too happy about this because I took him to school after he got his 2ND shower for the morning. So I got him dropped off and I remembered I hadn't gotten my tax notice for my car so I went by the court house to take care of that and to turn in my mileage and get my total amount due ... now they were making me mad because they kept telling me you have to go to the highway department and I kept telling them I already had my information updated but I went on to the highway department so I could get my sticker. :) So that is taken care of and I headed home to clean the car (yippee) when I remember I had a piece of mail that needed to be mailed so I'm headed to the Post Office and I got side tracked with my thinking doing that. I drove past Office Max on the way to the Post Office and wondered it they had a wireless telephone jack because I'm getting charged $5 a month for not having one of my satellite boxes hooked in to a phone line and that is $60 a year. :( So I went and got a wireless jack which will soon pay for itself. :) Then I finally got home and got out my little green machine and I had already said I was just cleaning one side of the car (yeah yeah I know should have done the whole car) but I did vacuum the whole car and wiped out the whole car with some vinegar water (my hands smelled like it forever but that was soon forgotten). Finished that and cleaned up my mess sort of the green machine is sitting in the house in the middle of the floor, but the mop bucket and the vacuum cleaner are put up. :) Any ways my mom had called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to town around 1 o'clock and I said sure. She was wanting to get some button up shirts which I don't think she got any. LOL We did get some GREAT buys, I had gotten me some capri's at Goody's the weekend of Easter and I really liked them so we both got some of those and they had shorts out and I think they felt better than the capri's so we each got 3 pairs of those. Then we picked out bunches of shirts .... I'm hoping it's not cold in the morning so I can wear one of them to church. Then once we were finished at Goody's I wanted to stop at Rack Room to see what kind of shoes they had on sale because I needed some that I could wear with blue. (Ended up with a very comfortable pair of blue sandals ... now I need to have my feet done but I think I will do them myself) Oh I didn't forget about my son ... I got him a pair of flip flops but I don't think he really cares for them. :( After he got to my moms we left and went to the Mall to meet my sister and her family but we never saw them ... but the Mall was packed. We stopped first thing and got some ice cream :) then walked around the whole mall and left and went to Old Navy and he didn't see anything at the Mall or Old Navy but I got me two pairs of flip flops ... you can't beat two pr for $5. So needless to say I had a very busy day and was glad that I had taken the whole day off because I think my mom had a really good time too. We finished up our day at LaHa for supper then headed home where I took some medicine and laid down with a very bad headache. I woke up shortly after 10 and ended up staying up to almost 1 I think.
Well it is a little after 8 now and I'm thinking it's nap time already :) ... get hopefully at least one hour of sleep before I start my day.
Oh on Thursday I did have my index card that I wanted to share on my blog and just didn't realize it. Guess I am getting old ... LOL So I will just insert it here now ... it's something that Joyce Meyer had written.
Everyday Life Principles:
Blessings and curses are set before us. We need to choose life and continually make good, godly decisions.
We do not live "by bread alone". In other words, real life is not our possessions, positions, or worldly prestige, but knowing God, fellowship with Him, and trusting Him.
We do not need to strive to be blessed. When we obey God, blessings come as long as we are seeking Him for Who He Is and not what He can do for us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well I'm at home today sick, got up in a mess with lots of pain so I took a pain pill and went back to bed. My mom called at 7:30 and I was sound asleep (I think that's the best sleep I'd had in two days). Now it's 4:15 in the afternoon, I'm still in pain but decided I wanted to blog so here I am. I had thought of several things last night I wanted to blog about today so I'm going to try my best to remember what all it was. (Guess I need to email myself with my thoughts when I have them while I'm not at the computer ... I think old age is setting in)
I know I've shared in a previous blog that the day I had court a friend had sent me a text with some scriptures and that I had looked them up and picked one out. Well the verse I picked out was Deuteronomy 31:6 for those who don't remember which one it was. :) The others he shared were Psalm 91:4 and 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 if anyone is interested in knowing which scriptures he sent to me. Now I've been doing lots of reading in my Bible and for the past week and 1/2 been reading some Joyce Meyer books (which I have blogged about). Now when I read one of her books I will take note cards and jot down scriptures and notes that I think I may want to read back over. :) (I'm always writing something on a note card :)) Well it hit me all of a sudden last night while I was reading to look back over my note cards from "The Battle Belongs to the Lord" (I've loaned this book to a friend at work to take on a trip with her ... she left this morning going to Florida) wasn't sure why I need to look back over my note cards I was trying to read the "Battlefield of the Mind". So I stopped and got my index cards out and was looking over my notes and the scriptures that I had written down. Two things really just stood out to me that I had written down (on my note card #3) 1.) Numbers 21:8 I had written beside this scripture "Begin to Worship God because He is Good, and His goodness will be released in your life. Remember, the battle belongs to the Lord". 2.) Deuteronomy 31:6-8 ... I'm guessing these were the things I was suppose to see while I was trying to read last night I had just started reading a chapter called "Little by Little" which was talking about Condemnation and about not getting Discouraged. After I had looked through my note cards I started the chapter on "Be Positive" [which was kind of funny because my walking partner had called to tell me we couldn't walk and I told him that was fine because I probably didn't need to walk (now I had already gotten ready to walk was going to make myself walk)]. After I hung up the phone I started back reading and I just died laughing .... It was talking about All Things Work for Good see Romans 8:28. Then I read "In Romans 12:16 the Apostle Paul tells us to readily adjust ourselves to people and things. The idea is that we must learn to become the kind of person who plans things but who doesn't fall apart if that plan doesn't work out." I guess if you don't get what I just wrote about then you just had to be there or be me. LOL
Well I'm going to go get my shower and see how I am feeling ... I really want to go to church tonight but not sure if I will get there or not. I got my shower and now I'm back at my desk. I'm debating church ... I really want to go and I'm leaning that way ... maybe if I go it will make me feel some what better. That is if my son doesn't drive me crazy before it's time to leave for church. We are fussing about food he put in the trash can to make the house smell and I'm still mad at him about the toilet paper I bought for his bathroom on Monday evening that is still sitting in the floor except for now instead of the middle of the kitchen floor it's sitting at his bathroom door. Enough of that ... maybe I'll just add some more scriptures for him to write down for me. His report card came today but it's at my moms so I won't get to see it until tomorrow. He hasn't really said anything about his grades so I'm not sure what is in store for me when I open it.
Well I'm going to get up from here it's right at 6 and seeing how I didn't work today I don't have any makeup on and I need to fix my hair too.

God is Good, He is still in Control and He is Worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Before I start I want to complaining about my new shoes :( Every time that I haven't gotten out of my seat today I have stumbled over my feet!!! I got these shoes the weekend of Easter and I really like them but I just can't seem to walk in them!!!! I've worn them a couple of times thinking they just need to be broke in, but I'm not so sure that is going to happen. :( I'm not giving up or at least I don't think I am. Also, I didn't realize I wrote a book yesterday ... it doesn't look like much here where I'm writing but once it post to the blog it looks very long. Hope it was a boring read for anyone.

I think I did pretty good yesterday afternoon, I made me a to-do list before leaving work. The list was for me and my son but the only thing on the list he did was go grocery shopping. :) Now he did bring the trash can around front and take the trash out which wasn't on the list. LOL So I picked him up we ran home let the dog out and I changed my clothes and grabbed the list for the grocery store. While we were getting groceries my son saw his dad buying Meagan and Kyle groceries. This really upset him and he didn't want them to see us and that went pretty good until we were leaving his dad saw us in the parking lot. Now his dad was suppose to be in NC this week and he wasn't he was out spending time with Meagan and Kyle and he wouldn't answer his cell phone either when we called. My son was wanting to see if his dad would answer the phone and to see what he was going to tell us he was doing. Well he had to tell us something because he was busted being in Greenwood instead of NC. Well we got home got the groceries in and I started in on the dishes. He put up some of the groceries and I put the rest up after I finished washing up what wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. I got the dryer turned on to fluff the clothes that I had left in there on Sunday night and when I heard it cut off I went and folded the clothes and left the towels, rags, and socks, to fold later ... maybe tonight. :) So the dusting and the vacuuming didn't get done but I'm going to get my son to dust tonight while I am out walking. (ha-ha on him)

Well today is my nephew's birthday and I sent my brother a text to get him to tell CJ Happy Birthday from me ... he wrote me back saying "ok tell his grandma to tell him also". I'm not going there with my mom she was just crying last week because it was Daniels Birthday (that's one of my brothers sons from a previous marriage). I had to listen to everything that day about how she does and does for us and we do her like we do her. I wonder sometimes why I put myself through the conservations I have to listen to with my mom. Guess we just have to grin and bare it sometimes. :) To me it doesn't do her any good telling me all these things because it doesn't go any further than that, and it just brings me down, but how do you go about not having to listen to those conservations? Maybe one day I'll have the answer but until then I'll get keep praying. I know I've been trying to work on my attitude with someone but he only notices when I get in a rage with him and likes to point it out to me. I even explained to him a while back look I'm trying very hard not to have an attitude with you so you need to stop pushing my buttons to make me upset with you.

Oh we went for out for lunch today for mine and Stacy's Birthday lunch. :) It was pretty good, I just mainly sat there and listened to everyone else. Marsha got there just as we were leaving. :( She had called and told me what to order her but she didn't make it on time to eat with us so I put hers in a to go box. :( Stacy is off the rest of the week going to Florida with a school field trip. I took her the book I just finished reading so she could read it on the way down and back. I started "Battlefield of the Mind" last night and I think I'm already on my second note card. I was telling Stacy that I've been taking notes reading these books so I can go back and re-read over them. Once I finish reading everything that I'm wanting to read right now I'm going to go back and re-read the "The Battle Belongs to the Lord". I think I just need to get me a notebook to take notes on. :) Use the index cards for scriptures and the notebook for notes. I really had a hard time deciding which book I wanted to read next but I did narrow it down to the two I mentioned yesterday and even once I sat down last night I had gotten both of the books out until I just picked up the Joyce Meyer book and started reading it and taking notes. :) The book belongs to my parents and I'm assuming they have forgotten loaning it to me several years ago. It had ended up on my bookcase and I had forgotten about it. I think this is one of the books that Joyce Meyer republished too, the one I saw at Wal-Mart last night has a different cover and copyright date. She has several books that she has republished but I'm not sure if the books changed or she added to them or what.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm going to try to blog today. :) It's a dreary day outside so far today, but lots to do here at work and at home. I went to Anderson Saturday with my son and I think that threw me way off, but we had a great time so it was worth it. I don't like doing chores on Sunday and I didn't do any Friday or Saturday. :( I told my son this morning that we would be cleaning house tonight and going to the grocery store. :( I'm wishing I had of grabbed the list this morning so that we could go to the store on the way home, but I guess I'll change and we can let the dog out before we go. Hope that doesn't take long because the house is upside down and I don't think we have any bowls or silverware that is clean so that means I've got to start the dishwasher and hand wash dishes tonight. I think Monday should be our cleaning night since the trash pick up is on Tuesdays. I had thought about just hauling my trash off but I've decided against that and it didn't take me very long either. LOL

Lets see now ... My weekend was pretty busy. I left work early on Friday to see the skin doctor. Of course that meant I was going to have to spend more money on medicine. :( I think this was the most expensive trip to the drug store yet. Then we went out to eat at I-Hop and ended up not going to walk. :( We were suppose to walk then go to eat, but my mom said something about trying to go eat so that's what we did. We were going to go waddle after eating but a storm was coming so we skipped out on that. My sister and her 3 girls came over I'd say around 8pm Friday and I have no idea where time went it was after 12 when they left I think. The kids had so much fun. :) That is with the exception of 2 of them getting injured, and the other one is way to young to have gotten hurt. I couldn't believe that she slept through everything that was going on, but she was just peacefully sleeping. Of course I've already said we went to Anderson on Saturday and had lots of fun. My son didn't complain about having to go in Hobby Lobby. :) Not sure how long we were in there, but I don't think we covered the whole store. We left there and headed to Chick-fil-A for a late lunch, then it was off to Pet-Smart, Michael's, Anderson Mall, and Books a Million, and then we called it a day and headed home. Got back in to Greenwood and my sons dad called to inform me that he had seen Tommy out bowling with a different woman than the one he moved in. Like I really wanted to know that I'm trying to move forward not backwards. :) Of course when I came by the bowling alley I had to look to see if his truck was still there and it was and it was tempting to stop but I just kept going the little girls room was calling me. LOL Sunday was church and they started Sunday school classes yesterday so I got up and went to Sunday school and church. To me the preaching was sort of a continuation from Wednesday night, or at least that is what I got out of it. Left church went home changed and headed to my moms for lunch so I could get back home for my Sunday nap. :) Got up and had time to do a little cleaning got one load of clothes started and then I swept the kitchen and hallway (yuck) and mopped. Then it was time to get ready to go eat which I had been looking forward to since Saturday. I already knew I was going to La-Ha for supper. :), got there and I had forgotten my cell phone (I have no idea how I could have done that) but I decided to go ahead and go inside I was thirsty. Well the person I was meeting didn't realize I was already inside and I didn't realize he was outside waiting on us, so I finally was sending Matthew outside to see if he seen him when he walked in looking to see if we were inside. It was funny and not funny all at the same time, but I think I will make sure I have my phone next time I leave home. My son got injured while we were out to eat he wanted to play the quite game so I was tickling and pinching him, and he came down on his cup and straw and it the straw cut the outer edge of his eye and he had a knot coming up as well. I had him put some ice on it while we were there and this morning when he first got up you could really tell but when I looked at it on the way taking him to school this morning you couldn't really tell. :) Oh yeah I won the quite game. LOL I'm in lots better of a mood today than I was yesterday. I had a nagging headache on Saturday that went full blown after we got home and that didn't help with my sleep at all. I don't think it would have gone full blown if I had of eaten something that evening. I think I only ate once on Saturday and that was lunch.

Going to back track just a little here ... there is a part of the service during worship at church that you get out of your seat and go greet others and shake hands and or hug and introduce yourself to visitors or members whom you may not know yet (which this makes me very nervous for some unknown reason) ... well as I've already blogged a couple of times about ... Tommy's dad came up to me during this time asking what my name was and I was like if you don't know I don't know LOL (nothing mean about it) but then he wanted a hug so I hugged him and he was telling me that Tommy really needed to come and try this church out and that was the end of that or so I thought. After service I had saw my sister come in during worship so I wanted to go speak to them before I left and Herman grabbed me again introducing me as his girl to people in the church. Now at first this was very upsetting to me. Now that time has passed I've decided with the help of lots of prayer over the past few months that I'm not going to let him get me down. If he wants to come speak to me call me his girl let him it's not his fault what his son did to me and I need to get past that. I should be excited that they are in church and that they are being friendly to me and I will show them the same respect. I will also pray that Tommy will come back to the Lord and get himself in church where he belongs. I know that Tommy knows right from wrong and not just by our conservations when we were together. We often talked about the Lord and what he was doing in our lives and how we were brought together. Now I don't know what happened and I probably never will know what happened between us but I know that Satan played a very big role in it. I even questioned myself for almost 2 months as to if I were doing the right thing going through with our divorce, but like Jason spoke on Wednesday night that sometimes other people make choices that affect us and we don't have a choice. Which was something he had already spoken to me about the week before my divorce.

I'm back from lunch and even knowing that my clothes are getting tooooooo tight I came back with ice cream. Let me tell you I've got to get off this ice cream kick I'm on right now ... I've lost my girl-ly figure. LOL I guess I'll have to work on it later on when I get off this kick or step up the pace with my walking I've been doing. (Hint Hint)

I finished my book "THE BATTLE Belongs to the LORD" ... Overcoming Life's Struggles Through Worship written by Joyce Meyer. I highly recommend this book to everyone. This book really opened my eyes to somethings that have been going on in my life, and how to look at things differently. I had bought this book and another one by Joyce Meyer a week ago and had planned on starting the other one once I finished this one but I've since changed my mind and I'm going to start the "Battlefield of the Mind". I've had this book for several years and just haven't read it, guess it just wasn't the right time for me to read it until now. It's one of the older copies but I'm sure that will be just fine. I got me the book "Boundaries" this weekend but I'm not sure when I will get started with it. Maybe I can read both of these together which might get a little confusing so maybe I should just read one at a time. LOL I have read 2 to 3 different books at one time but it can get confusing as to what you read from which book. :)

Oh by the way I'm still on track reading my Bible and keeping up with my Podcast. (Clap Clap Clap for me) :-) Now I'm behind on my hobby emails :( as of right this minute I have 311 emails to read. Guess you know what that means .... I'm behind and my needles are still taking a break. I'm planning on ordering me some yarn so I guess when I get a chance to do that the needles will have to come off there break and get busy. Think they could get busy with me helping??? I'd really like to visit the shop but they are only open during the week and closed the weekends when I could take a road trip. I understand they need their weekends just like I need my weekends too. :) Maybe one day this summer I can take a Friday and Monday off and go visit with my brother for the weekend and figure out where along the way I get off of 40 to get to the shop. :) Hmmm that sounds like a great plan, but one that will have to be once Matthew is out of school.

Well I'm going to stop here for today will blog again one day this week maybe tomorrow ... guess we will have to see how my day starts and goes. :-P

God is still in Control, and He is Worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm still moving right along. :) So thankful I didn't skip out on church last night because I thought it was going to rain. Jason talked on being in the wilderness, not a very easy topic for me. He talked about some of us being where we are not by choices we've made but because of choices other people made that effect us. I must tell you I think all his sermoms and Bible studies are meant just for me, but I know that isn't so. He touched several people last night. :) I had gone to tell one of my friends bye and she was like being in the wilderness is hard isn't it? I just shook my head and told her she was going to make me cry that I'd talk to her later. Now I'm listening to Joyce Meyer talking about "A Fresh Start at How You See Yourself". (Ran out of town will finish as soon as I get a chance)
I'm back it's another day. :) I left what was said above on purpose that's in ( ). I read that and just LOL, good thing no one was in the office with me. They would have thought I'd lost my mind. :) I had meant to say that I had ran out of time not town. The interesting thing about that was just last night I was thinking it would be so nice to just move far far away from here. Now I know I can't do anything like it but sometimes it just seems like that is the answers just run run run and don't look back. I know that wouldn't solve anything you have to face your problems head on and deal with them. (I've run out of time again. LOL)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, but I had already figured I wouldn't. Can't believe I've found a few minutes now to write. :) (I really don't have time LOL but I'm making time) To say it's only Wednesday it seems like too much as already happened. :( One of the girls out back said she was going to come up with a name for my soap opera. LOL

Lets see where to start ... guess I can give an update on things happening with me. :) My needles are still on the back burner but that is fine. I'm still reading my Bible, but I've also reading the Joyce Meyer book I got this weekend. I thought I'd be finished by now but I keep going back rereading some of the information plus I'm writing down the scriptures so I can go back later and look up in my own Bible. I'm just leaning on the Lord to lead me down the road I need to be on. It's been pretty awesome here lately the things I've come up against that he was right there I know he was because I never lost my cool. I'm just so Thankful to have a Loving Father that cares so deeply for me, and I'm still learning to take that step of faith (which is very hard for me). Not doing very well with the exercise part right now down to once a week walking ... not sure what happened. LOL I told my mom I was going to have to lose some weight or buy some new bigger clothes. She was fussing about me wanting to lose weight. (I know what's new?) I have a goal set and will not go below that.

I think my mom is feeling a little better (mind wise) knowing more about what is wrong with her. She went to the doctor yesterday and they told her that her gallbladder wasn't functioning like it should ... they are doing surgery to remove it April 15. She was scared of what she was going to find out not about the surgery but just about what they were going to tell her. I had tried to tell her that it might be that it wasn't functioning but she wouldn't listen to me. I sent a text to my brother to let him know she was having surgery and he wanted to know why so I sent another message telling him why and haven't heard back from him.

Now the drama that is going on around me. I got a text message sometime Monday night from my sons dad saying he was going to eat w/my daughter and her boyfriend. Well I didn't respond to him, I need sometime to talk to the Lord and to think about this. At first I was like has he lost his mind???? What does she have up her sleeve??? Something just doesn't add up here, I'm still concerned but I'm leaving it in the Lords hands now. I've talked to a few close friends about it and they seemed concerned about it in the same way that I was. He sent another text asking me if I had gotten the first text and all I said back to him was "yeah" and I left it at that and didn't hear back from him. I know they went to Fatz's to eat because she sent me a text telling me that they were eating at Fatz but she didn't say with who, and I didn't ask any questions. Now this is going to be interesting when my mom finds out and I really dread it ... I came very close this morning to telling her, but I figured it just wasn't the right time.

I backed tracked after I got back from lunch to add a piece on my mom. I went and told my boss that I was leaving early on Friday to go to the doctor, and that I would need to be off on April the 15th because my mom was having surgery that day.

Now my day I thought was starting out GREAT!! I got up before 6 ... couldn't believe that. Then at exactly 6:26 a.m. my daughter sent a message saying Good Morning then she started in on being hungry, then she was starving ... I sent a text back saying I offered to get YOU some groceries (I was only told they needed sugar) so she wrote back saying they didn't want me to waste my money on them. (Do you really think I would have offered if I didn't want to do it?) So then I started on her about getting a job. I told her he needed to find a job to support them and that she needs to find a job as well. To which she replied 1. we both trying, 2. we applied, 3. no man wants to support a woman with no job. So then I sent a text saying he could get a construction job they come a dime and dozen to which she replied "that's not what he wants to do". So I sent her back a message that said he could do that until he finds something that he likes and is better ... to which she replied "he said you ain't his mama so leave him alone..." and I just dropped it and I haven't heard anything else from her. So why help someone who isn't trying to help themselves? I think they are just going to have to hit rock bottom. I plan on ignoring all text that she sends telling me it's not fair that I'm going out to eat. Also, if they come to eat out with me I will not pay for his food only my children. :) I shouldn't feel that way I know but I don't think I am being respected by him at all. I am just going to continue to pray for them to see that things are not always handed to you, and that they are not going to find a job working together. I've already told them they don't need to be together if they can't trust each other.

God is Good, He is still in Control, and He is Worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!