Monday, February 23, 2009

Project Sort of Complete

I finished the blanket today. ;) In between being sick ... I've got to block it then I'll get a picture of it so I can post. That will be later in the week because tomorrow I have practice and Wednesday I have counseling. Wednesday will be a very sad day due to having to tell my counselor good bye but I think I have decided not to continue with my counseling. If I see that I need to start back then I'll leave that option open.
Now I'm going to start reading ... I bought me 2 new books Saturday by Karen Kingsbury. I have a Robert Whitlow book and a Beth Moore book I'd like to read. Really I've got lots of books on my agenda to get read so I think now will be a good time to start. Going to start out w/the Shack ... I've heard mixed reviews on it. You can check out my bookshelf at the following link. This link is from a pastor that does not agree with someone reading the shack http:// This pastor tells you to read it and let it stretch you but not to let it replace your scripture reading it's a fiction book http://
Well it's time to watch Monday night TV ... House is the show for me :)
God is Good, He is still in Control and He's Worthy to be Praised and Honored!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hard Week & Sad Day

Man it's been one more week. If you follow me on twitter or facebook then you know how yesterday was. I'll recap here what's been going on. :) Let's see last week we had our year in Auditors at work and they were back this week well that is until Wednesday. Then we had another set of auditors come in Monday of this week and they were asking for stuff from 2005 and 2006 ... yep FUN FUN ... but it really hasn't been that bad. It's been lots of extra work but I haven't stressed as much as I thought I would. Wednesday I left work early but told the auditors I'd be back and ready to answer questions on Thursday morning. Well I had gotten off work early on Wednesday to go to my daughters ultra sound with her and she ended up being admitted to the hospital for fluids. Come to find out her amniotic fluid was low was why she was having to have the fluids run by IV. So I called my boss when I got home last night and explained to him that I wasn't sure if I'd be at work Thursday but would come in if things were ok with my daughter ... she was having another ultra sound to check the amniotic fluid and if it was up she would be able to go home if not we were told they would take the baby. Well her fluid was up to 14 this morning so she got to go home. I'm thankful for all my friends who sent up prayers for Meagan and Sierra yesterday and last night. :) So needless to say this has been a very interesting week for me.
Then tonight I had counseling and found out that next Wednesday evening will be my last session. :( My counselor is moving out of state ... so that was and is going to be very sad for me. She told me she would recommend me to another counselor that she felt like I would do well with but said that it was my decision. I about cried when she told me but I was able to control it. Guess I just know how far I've come since I've been seeing her. In fact I've thought several times that I was almost to the point of where I wouldn't be going much longer but it was such a blow tonight finding out that she is leaving. I thought about it on my way home and was reminded of an email I once received about how some people come into our lives for a season or two or three and sometimes forever. I know that if it weren't for my counselor I'd probably still be stuck in a rut somewhere and I've made great progress and I'm really going to miss her but will stay in touch with her. I'll be able to email her and still share things with her about my children and soon to be granddaughter. :) Still debating if I will see another counselor or not but I just feel like my counselor is not replaceable and that maybe it's just time for me to not really end that season but end that season if that makes sense. It does to me so I guess that's all that matters.
Oh yeah just found out today for sure that our practice is being moved from Sunday afternoons to Tuesday evenings and I think I'm EXCITED about that. I'll have to get use to going on Tuesdays after work but once I get the schedule change down pat I'll be adjusted to it. That's the only draw back to be a scheduled person is when you have a change in your schedule it really messes you up. LOL Knowing that you have OCD makes it a little easier to be able to tell why things are just driving you crazy. It's not that I don't like change because change can be a good thing some times it just takes me a little bit to adjust. Well since I am such a scheduled person even down to my bed time I've got to stop here so I can head toward the bed now. LOL
God is God, He is Still in Control and He's Worthy to be Praised and Honored!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got the Fever

WOW I got the Spring Fever!!! The past 2 nights so far I've come home from work and CLEANED up and out. Monday night I worked in my attic and my sons' room until I was too tired to do any more. So tonight when I got home we started back on his room, He's still got a few things left in his room to do but his closet has been cleaned out and put back in an orderly fashion. :) I've left him in charge of straightening out what's left and pointed out things I think he needs to work on. Then I moved on to the living room and laundry room. I cleaned the desk area but still got the filing to do. (Not one of my favorite things to do even when I'm in a cleaning mood.) Cleaned up the living room and then pulled everything that was movable out of the laundry room and cleaned up the swept the dust up. LOL The laundry room wouldn't have been that bad but I moved a flower into my laundry room the beginning of winter and it shed every where making the worst mess every had to wipe everything down and shake everything out. Now I've got the kitchen and my room left ... I think my room will be the hardest of all. :( I've got tons of stuff I need to figure out how to organize. Think I'll start in my closet, then the bathroom leaving the bedroom itself to last. :)
Well tomorrow is hump day and the last day at work on the good auditors (that's what my boss calls them) they are leaving sometime after lunch. The other auditors will be there until Friday ... well that is one will be working on Friday the other 5 or 6 are leaving Thursday afternoon headed back to Denver. :) It's really been ok with the auditors as far as I'm concerned and I'm just hoping that we get great news and that we've done a great job and that they didn't find very many errors. Time will tell.
PS Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor w/my daughter ... I'll get to see Sierra and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait until she gets here so I can hold her and spank her little butt!! LOL She's already rotten and she's not even here yet.
God is GOOD, He is still in Control and He's Worthy to be Praised and Honored!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project Update

Well I've finally taken a picture of the project so I could post an updated picture. I think I have 20 more rows to go (15 of those are the pattern rows then 5 just plain on knitting rows) then I have to pick up stitches on each side and do 4 rows to the sides. Never done anything like that w/my knitting so that will be a learning experience for me and I hope that I don't mess it up. Might have to just finish it up w/those 8 rows missing. We'll see and I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing. Did an up close shot so you could see the front and back side. :) Not to happy w/the lighting on the picture I took of the over all project.
God is Good, He is still in Control and He's Worthy to be Praised and Honored!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Last night we (Meagan, Kyle and I) kept Dallas. He belongs to Meagan's aunts friend. It wasn't that bad ... we went to I-Hop and then Dallas went to sleep on the way home. :) Not sure what time he woke up but Kyle got up with him. I heard them in the kitchen so I got up at the same time Meagan was getting up. Decided on oatmeal for his breakfast and that was a site ... wish I could have gotten a video of that. I'm guessing he'd never had oatmeal before, he spit it out then wouldn't let me use the spoon to rake it off his face. LOL He did end up eating the oatmeal though. After his mom came to pick him up Meagan and Kyle left to go home and me and my son got ready to go.
Meagan and Kyle were going to Anderson as were me and my son. They went to the Jockey Lot while me and my son went to Hobby Lobby, Books a Million, and then we met up with them at the Anderson Mall. I did find another all EDGES puzzle, and we found a board we could use to put on the card table so we can work the New York City puzzle we bought a few weeks back. At the book store I found Sierra a book and I found a turtle that's a magnifier. :) (it will come in handy when we work the all EDGE puzzle wish we had of had one with the sports all EDGE puzzle we just finished) At the mall found the little knives I had been hunting for at Christmas but couldn't find so now I'll have them next time I need them. :) Got my son a very expensive hat ... not sure how I got suckered into that but I did tell him I'd buy him a hat guess I should have given him a price limit. (Lesson Learned) Left the mall and I wanted to go in the Lifeway Christian Bookstore and got me the WOW Hits 2009 (Great CD) So now I'm home relaxing watching tv and trying to stay awake. :)
God is Good, He is still in Control and He's Worthy to be Praised and Honored!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

WOW It's Finished!!!

Finished the puzzle last night right before 10 and it had a missing piece. Well I thought my son had hid some puzzle pieces because he had been kidding around about hiding them so he could be the one who finished it. :) Well I found 2 pieces that had fallen off under the table upside down they blended in with the carpet. So that left 1 piece and I was hunting for it ... I asked my son this morning if he would get the piece he hid and he was like I was picking on you. So I looked again for the one missing piece and I found it in the bag that the puzzle had came in. :) So now we've got it set up so we can glue it and I've got to measure it so I can get a frame for it.
Can't believe I'm going to say this but I think I wouldn't mind working another one of these crazy puzzles. My son on the other hand said "Can't you buy me a regular puzzle?" We picked out a puzzle a couple of weeks ago but got to figure out where we can work it because my card table isn't big enough. Wal-Mart has a table I started to buy when I got the one I got now may have to get it but got to justify buying a long table first. Guess it could be useful for taking outside to use for potting flowers.
God is GOOD, He is Still in Control and He is Worthy to be PRAISED and HONORED!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WOW making Progress

The first picture you see was taken Wednesday night after I finished working on the puzzle and the second one was taken Thursday night. My son did help me put a few pieces together tonight. :) Then he went on to tell me how much of it he had done. LOL

Can't get any worse

I so wonder about people sometimes, I tell myself all the time I'm not going to let people get to me but some how I ended up letting them. I tell myself if they can live with themselves then so can I. I know they will have to answer for their actions one day not me. So anyways that is my venting for today ... debating working on my project or the puzzle one but the girls at work said not to work on the puzzle tonight since I was already flustered. I'll try to post a picture of the puzzle either tomorrow or Friday one and oh yeah the project too. :)
God is good, He is still in Control and He's worthy to be praised and honored!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My daughter sent me pics today so I'm posting updated belly pics. :) Just a few more weeks left ... she goes for an ultra sound on the 18th so maybe they will give a more definite time frame. I'm still sticking w/the 11th of March.

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is the view outside tonight ... the picture doesn't do it justice. Wanted to see if I could get a picture and this was the best looking one ... so enjoy.

The Darn Puzzle

Oh my Goodness this crazy puzzle ... I was up until 11:30 last night. Not sure if we'll ever finish. Believe it or not we are moving right along with it. :) May not look like it by the picture but we are I promise.
God is God, He is still in control and He's worthy to be Praised and Honored!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Caught in the act :)

My son wanted to try out my new camera and I was working on my project that night ... so guess who he took pictures of? Guess we could have picked up some before snapping pictures. I'll have to take a picture and post again because the project is coming right along. I have 36 rows left and 2 of those I'm dreading, but once I get passed that it'll be ok. :)
God is Good, He is still in Control, and He is Worthy to be Praised and Honored!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Puzzle Update

I snapped a picture of my son working on his crazy puzzle. :) He's actually doing a great job on it to say it's as hard as it is. I also took a picture of of his biggest progress ... he was so excited. I think if I ever buy an all edges puzzle again he'll be very upset with me. I've told him it's very good for him to work his mind with this puzzle. I'll post some pictures later of his/our progress. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just finished watching NewSpring Web campus and now I'm working on my photo's while waiting on a text about lunch