Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm still here just so much going on right now that I haven't had time to blog. Just as soon as I get some free time I'll blog and you better look out because I'm sure it will be a long one. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I've got a lot going on in my head right now. LOL So once I collect my thoughts and feelings I'll blog. :) ~LaTeR~

Found this and just had to share ... Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! Now think hard and let me know who the quote is from.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Man I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I've been non-stop the past 3 days. I didn't know if I was coming or going ... LOL. I don't even think I thought about my blog yesterday at all. :( So right now I'm waiting on one of my co-workers to get off the phone so I can get back busy, so I thought I'd jot down a few things before I forget about them. If I re-jot down something I blogged about sorry.

Lets start with Sunday evening ... the wind was something awful on this day. It was just a little scary too. It was too windy to sit outside and read so I ended up in my room sitting in front of the window so I could watch the trees. I think that I've been behind 5 chapters exactly every night since Friday on my Bible reading. I am still reading boundaries but haven't been able to read in it but once this week. :( Anyways back to Sunday ... I got everything I wanted to get done done believe it or not. Or at least I think I did and I even cooked.

Monday was just a non-stop day even after work I was non-stop. Not sure about the after work part. LOL I think eating at my moms got me off my schedule, but don't get me wrong it sure was good. :) Tuesday was about the same as Monday and even after work I ended up eating at my moms.

Oh and I almost forgot on Sunday I got a text message on my phone wishing me a "Happy Mothers Day" from Breanna ... can you believe that???? I wrote her back "Thanks" and didn't hear anything else from her. Meagan also sent me a message telling me Happy Mothers Day too.

Well I'm at home now and seeing how I'm behind in my reading I think I'd better go heat up super and and get busy reading. ~LaTeR~


Monday, May 12, 2008

Will not be blogging today .... sorry. :(

Sunday, May 11, 2008

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Well it's already the last day of the weekend. :( Got back up sick today, didn't get sick yesterday at all. I went and got my mom and we went and got our toes done. Next time I go I'm going to get my tips green instead of white ... the girl that did my toes had hers done that way and it was so cute. :) I think a woman needs to get her feet done once a month at least, will see if I can fit that into my budget. LOL If we stopped going out to eat it would be too hard to fit it in. :) I think seriously I'm going to have to change my diet. :( Maybe the things I ate yesterday are just now making me sick ... guess that's a thought. Well I'm about to be sick again will be back ~LaTeR~ that is when I can get the seat back. LOL
Back for a few minutes ... my son is washing his dishes so he can get online. :-) I've gotten my shower, the dishwasher loaded and dishes washed. Then I watered all my inside flowers. Hoping I can get my son to help me clean the clutter in front of the bar area. Then I want to fold all my winter clothes and put them in boxes and unpack my summer things that are still packed and put them on hangers. Then I plan on finishing yesterdays Bible reading and doing today's and then reading and in between on breaks cleaning here and there. I have another clutter area I'd like to work on some. :)
Well I guess that is all for now folks. LOL

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's bright and early I guess you could say on Saturday morning at 7:20. I just got up and for the life of me I do not know why because I was up very late. I have no idea where the time went ... I got to working on the puzzle and listening to music and before I knew it it was after 12 and I still had reading I wanted to do in my book that I have started. So I grabbed it and finished reading the chapter I was on and then I crashed. :) Now here I am once again in front of my computer, but not for long I need to get my shower and put on my makeup so I will be ready to hit the road in a little while. :) So I think I'll stop here and may or may not be back today. ~LaTeR~
PS. I had some crazy dream last night but I think it had to do with one of the songs I was listening to last night. :(

Friday, May 9, 2008

Well here it is Friday and I'm back sick!!! This time I think it's my medicine causing me to be sick. I really hate this because I have so much at work that needs to be done. :( Maybe I will get to feeling better in a little while and I can go in to work, but so far I've been home a little over 30 minutes and I keep having to RUN to the bathroom. My mom says I need to start a bland diet which doesn't sound very good to me. Here is a link to a bland diet and let me tell you I wasn't impressed at all. No chocolate milk, no tea, no soda, no tomato anything, no nothing on the list that I like!!! :( I've told several people that I'm just going to stop eating but then my belly talks to me and I give in. LOL I'm sitting here with a glass of tea now while I'm typing this blog. I'd go fix me a pot of coffee but coffee is on the list as a do not drink!! :( Enough of that lets move on to something else. :)
On a better note I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow because I want to take my mom to get her a pedicure as well as me one. :) I need to remind her this afternoon when I talk to her, I said something to her on Sunday but I'm sure she has forgotten. :) Kind of wish I knew about what time we would be going so I could set up an appointment. I've heard if you have an appointment you can just go right in with no waiting.
Well I'm going to take a break now and go lay down real still and see if that will settle my stomach. :) Seems like moving around just makes it worse!
Guess what .... I didn't go lay down I've sat right here at this computer and picked me out a variety of music and posted it to my blog as you have already figured out I have music on here now. :) I figure my sister will not like some of the songs so I did pick out some I thought she might enjoy listening to that I like ... she will have to skip to song 8 I think even though the Christian songs start before then. :) I wasn't able to find my song that I like though. :( but I did some more searching and guess what I found it ... that's very exciting!!! Wonder if anyone can pick out which one is my favorite??? And no it's not the first song in the list that would be too easy. LOL
Well now it's after 6pm ... I laid down and I slept over 2 hours. I just had 1/2 of a potato from McAlister's and waiting to see how it is going to do on my stomach. :) ... so far I haven't been sick. :) I just pulled up my blog page so that I can sit here and listen to the songs I picked out ... I noticed some of them weren't the whole song when I was searching but I didn't pay attention to see if I picked any out that wasn't the whole song. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will be fine. I've done my Bible in 90 days challenge reading for today. :) I just started on chapter 3 in the book "Boundaries", and I plan on reading some in it tonight I guess after I finish writing here. I'd also like to work on the puzzle some ... it hasn't been touch since Sunday when my parents were over. :( I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever get finished. LOL Well it feels like my stomach is fixing to be upset from eating so I think I'll stop here for today. ~LaTeR~

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guess what??? It's Thursday!!! So far the day is going pretty good and it's already the down side of the day. :) I've done my daily Bible reading for today and started "Boundaries When to Say Yes How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life" at lunch. Didn't jot down any notes I couldn't find an ink pen so I will have to go back and see what I wanted to write down. Well just finished doing that before I forgot to go back. :) My son is going to have a cow when he finds out I've started another book. LOL He was in one of the worst moods yesterday ever I think but he knew I was upset with him over his interim report that I got. When we got home he cleaned his room and bathroom ... I had already told him that morning we were going to clean house and he was like why the house is already clean. Well maybe to him but not to me ... and guess what? ... I didn't do anything last night! :( I really wanted to at least load some dishes into the dishwasher and wash the ones that couldn't be put in the dishwasher.

Well I've got to stop here ... I've gotten very busy and need to gets some things done in the next 30 minutes. Not sure if I can blog at home guess that will depend on who gets to the computer chair first. LOL

Well it's after 8 pm now ... man where does time go???? I came home and changed my clothes and grabbed me a chair outside after watering my lawn and flowers. Guess I got so into my book that I lost track of time. I really didn't think I'd take that many notes from the book after reading the first chapter but so far I've been just a jotting down notes. :) I sort of wish now I had of read this book first then the "Boundaries with Kids", but that's okay. I really need to stay away from the bookstores until I read what I've got to read now. :) It's hard making a choice which one to start.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well lets see how far I can get today with my blog. It's already 3:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday. I've been non-stop since I got to work today. :) Felt fine except for a little cramping until I had lunch. Now I'm back to where I just feel like I just need to quit eating!!! My doctor put me on Cipro 500mg and I think he thought I had a virus too but how can a virus last for 5 days???? The side effects of the medicine are just about the same as my symptoms so I don't have a clue how I'm suppose to know when I'm getting better. :(

So anyways I left work at 1:30 yesterday to go see my doctor, went to Wal-mart to have my medicine filled, picked up my son and we went to the hospital before my counseling session and then we headed home. Just to leave about 30 minutes later because I realized it was Tuesday and you know what that means and if you don't it's KFC night. LOL My sons Grandmother is just not good at all. I think they are suppose to move her to the hospice house today. I think that would be much better for her and the family.

My counseling session went great last night. She was telling me that she had been talking to different people about me. She said I had impressed her with my notes that I was taking from a book I was reading. I had left my book and steno book in the car instead of taking it up with me since I knew my son wasn't going to go in and talk with her. Most times I have my book or knitting that I take up with me. Last night I actually had printed out my Bible reading and since I was a day behind I had it to read. (Now I'm caught up with my reading but being so sick on Monday got me behind) I told her that my son had been doing great and that I was feeling lots better here lately ... I've cut my dose down on my medicine and I haven't been skipping days except the weekends. I think the only thing I've really been worried about is the scales and I didn't realize how bad they were until yesterday. To me or in my humble opinion the scales should be going down instead of up. I just can't believe that I weigh as much as I do. :( It's very disappointing to me.

Well I've already told you I'm caught up on my 90 day challenge that is I have today's reading to do. :) I'm really on the last chapter of "Boundaries with Kids" I miss counted the chapters I had left last time I wrote about it. LOL Needless to say I didn't finish the book this weekend. Hopefully tonight I'll get some reading done and maybe that will include getting to this book and finishing it. :) Still not sure what book I want to start next. I have a Joyce Meyer book I want to start but I also want to start reading "Boundaries". Guess I will have to see which one I'm leaning towards more.

I haven't gotten to walk any this week and not sure if I will get to the end of the week or not. Guess I'll have to see how I'm feeling after work on Thursday and Friday. Just looked at the calendar and my sister isn't working on Thursday and Friday so maybe I will try to walk. I know I've got something planned for Saturday and I usually don't walk on Sunday or Wednesday those are my official days off from walking.

Oh I finally asked my mom about why the doctor was telling her her blood was bad when she brought it up yesterday. She keeps telling me about her blood being bad but wouldn't tell me why and I was like they just don't tell you its bad. They are watching her liver and her cholesterol. She was having to go every 6 months but was told this time it was improving but he wants her to come back in 4 months for a re-check. That seems weird to me if it was an improvement why 4 months instead of the normal 6 months.

Well I'm going to end here today I'm sure I left something out but I need to get back to work. :)

One more thing ... when I was at Wal-Mart yesterday I picked up some Miracle Grow for my flowers and lawn and once I got home I went outside to water everything and you'll never guess what I saw/found not one but two black widow spiders.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well it's Tuesday and it's 11:30 and I'm still at work ... and that is a good thing. Guess I will find out in 30 minutes how my stomach is doing today. My headache is back and I think it may be worse than it was yesterday. :( I did get the time entered this morning and I'd like to get these invoices sitting here on my desk entered if I do end up having to go to the doctor this afternoon. My boss told me this morning that he wished I would go to the doctor. I just told him I was just being stubborn. Believe me it comes natural to me ... I got it from my mom.

My son's grandmother was put in the hospital yesterday and it doesn't look like she will be going back home unless she tells them that is where she wants to spend her last days. Her children and her sister decided this morning that they do not want CPR or a breathing tube used on her. Right now she has a mask on helping her to breathe. The way it sounds they are just keeping her comfortable and that she has really given up. It's such a hard thing for them I know. I am planning on taking my son by there tonight after we get out of counseling.

Well now it's after 8:30 in the evening ... had a change of plans for tonight. Will have to try to blog tomorrow I got up and lost my seat at the computer so I decided to read while my son was online. ~LaTeR~

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well the day as gotten off to a rough start. Every little thing is just getting on my nerves, and that's not good. :( My son said something to me about being in a bad mood and I told him not to do anything to upset me then. Reckon if that will do any good. I think today is the day he's going to learn to wash clothes ... he's 12 and he needs to start learning. I think unless he changes he'll make a good husband to some lucky girl one day. :)
Well I think I'm going to go get a shower and see how that makes me feel. I just ate a biscuit and I'm trying to wait to see if it is going to make me sick or not. Once I get my shower I'm going to read in my Bible and then I'm going to try to finish up the "Boundaries with Kids" ... I'm finally down to 2 1/4 Chapters left ... I didn't realize taking notes while reading a book would take you so long to read ... but I think I've gotten some pretty good notes to refer back to. I've written 33 pages in a steno book full of notes (just writing on the fronts of the pages). Will try to blog some more this afternoon and I'll update on my stomach as I'm headed to the restroom now. :(
The above is my blog I had yesterday and didn't get back to finish it. It's now Monday morning 9:05 and I'm at home. :( My doctor is off today and the nurse seemed to think I have some kind of bug wanted to know if I had been out of the country ... I think it's more than that. If I'm still sick tomorrow my doctor will be working the afternoon hours. I know I'm cramping like crazy like so I guess I'll take some pain medicine and let it knock me out and sleep all day. :( I did notice yesterday afternoon that after lunch I didn't get sick ... I came home took a very short nap and we went to Lowe's and I about didn't make it home. It was like walking around is what made me sick. Now I didn't walk Friday but I did do a short walk on Saturday and ended up sick and then yesterday just walking around Lowe's. :( Guess if I do any walking this week it will be the very end of the week because I'm taking today off and have an appointment tomorrow night and Wednesday is church.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This is the picture of the side corner of my yard. Yeah I know the grass looks pitiful. :( My flowers sure are pretty. :-) This is my pretty I got today at K-mart. :) Just wanted to share these two pictures so THAT'S ALL FOLKS

Well it's Saturday morning and I'm blogging. Yeah I know I can't believe it either. :) I got up before 6 this morning because crazy me set the tv alarm to go off. Then I ended up not being able to go to sleep so I read in my Bible for a little bit then tried to go back to sleep and slept to almost 10. Got up and went outside to pull birdseed weeds out of on of my flower pots and watered the grass and my flowers then came back in and washed up the dishes in the kitchen sink and I've made one gallon of tea and working on the 2nd gallon now. :) It's 11:11 and I'm taking a break. :) Not sure how much I am going to get done my stomach is still cramping really bad. :( It started last yesterday afternoon and I got in touch with my walking buddies and asked if they would be mad if we didn't walk, but if they were going to mad I was going to try to walk. If I'm feeling up to it later this afternoon I may try to walk. Right now I'm wanting to go to Office Max to get me a desk chair ... I've never really thought I needed one but sat in one last night and I really liked it and it's on sale or clearance one and it fit me to a T. LOL Matthew said if I go to make sure he is with me when he goes. He said last night we wants to work there and wanted to know how old you have to be. :)
Oh I worked on my puzzle a little bit last night .
you really can't tell though. It's a Thomas Kinkade 1000 piece puzzle and it's harder than I thought it would be or it maybe that I haven't really tried to work on it much. :( We are taking it by spells. Below is a picture of our progress. :)

The picture to the right is 4 of the flowers in my back patio area. The 3 bottom flower pots are ones that I hand painted. My yard is a work in progress ... I'm trying to get my sod to take root and turn GREEN right now. I'll try later this afternoon to take some pictures of the yard so I can post to my blog. :) And now that I know how the inserting pictures works and all, now I can take some pictures of some of my knitting and also insert in my blog. :) Which oh yeah I'm sure if knitting needles had feelings they would be very upset with me right now. :(
Well it's now 3:40 pm and I'm back home. :) We went and got a chair for the computer desk. :) Its not the one he wanted but the one I wanted. :) It's so comfortable. :) Now I just need come new batteries for my camera or better yet start saving and shopping around for a new one. :) Meant to look while I was at K-Mart but I ended up getting sick in there so we hurried and paid for my items and left. Got home and unloaded the car and went ahead and went outside and planted my new flower and replanted another one that was outside. Will get a picture to post maybe tomorrow. I need to get a picture of my son sitting outside covered up with a blanket in my chair and post. LOL Then came back in and got my chair put together. :) And now I'm enjoying it ... it's so comfortable. I don't even want to get up, but I have got to so I can get ready to go walk. :) Oh I remembered one more thing I got me some new pens because I was tired of having to light the end of the pen with my lighter to write. :)
God is Good, He is still in Control and He's worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I've made it to Friday Yippee!!!! I've done really well this week if I must say so myself. :) I've walked everyday except for Wednesday and that normally isn't a night we walk. :) I started the Bible in 90 Challenge on Tuesday and so far I've kept up with the reading involved. :) The real test will be this weekend when everything just goes to shambles for some reason. Which last weekend I did pretty good except for Sunday and that was because I was very weak. :( My day has started out so so ... Mike came to get our son for school at 7:30 :( then they got into and Mike was leaving without him and my son was like mama you've got to take me to school and I hollered and Mike and TOLD him he couldn't do that to me. Don't show up late and then think I can adjust my time schedule my hours aren't come and go as you please. I have no idea what he was thinking but he was making me angry.

I've now got my work from yesterday and today's work so this will be a short blog. :) Plus I'm leaving work early to run an errand. You know if I had enough PTO time I think I would never work on Friday ... I'd rather have every Friday off than to take a solid week off I think. Maybe I'm getting bored with my job who knows. Coming up in July will be my 6th anniversary for being here at my job. I keep saying I'm going to apply at the hospital but I haven't updated my resume yet. I think they have just as good of benefits as I have here. Only thing I don't think I would like would be scheduling my days off. Here like today I just went and told me boss I needed to leave an hour early, or I can come in on Monday morning and tell him I would like to be off on Friday and that is just fine. I'm not a planner when it comes to taking time off from work guess because I never have had to do that.

Oh yeah I plugged in my I-Pod last night and I thought it was syncing but got to work this morning and found out it didn't sync ... guess I did something wrong or my son did something because I did notice that my I-pod didn't look connected this morning. That reminds me I actually unhooked the DSL instead of my I-Pod from the computer ... don't ask I think I was having a blond moment. LOL Guess I just need to stay away from my computer in the mornings because it also puts me behind getting ready for work. In fact I don't think I got dress until after 7:15 this morning :( I am normally dressed by 7:00 and ready to go.

Now it's 30 minutes until lunch time and I'm ready to eat my shoe. I've started taking vitamins in the mornings before leaving for work but I am thinking I'm going to have to change up and take them at lunch. Only problem with that is they make me gag. :( Sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 tries to get it down. :( My son is also having trouble with the ones I got him and he didn't even take his this morning because he couldn't get it down. Guess I passed that trait to him. He can take small pills like me but the big ones get both of us. :(

Going to see how much I can get done before lunch so I'm stopping here for now. May or maybe post some more after lunch.

I am at home now it's 9:34 at night and I've gotten my computer working fast now. :) Fixing to get settled down and read before heading off to dream land. ~LATER~

May 02, 2008

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.

— James Thurber

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Well it's the first of the month and I'm fixing to get BUSY!!! I just about got busy on the wrong thing. LOL I back tracked and I'm on the right path now just hope to stay there. :) I want to get just as much done as I can before the invoices from the first of the month hit today. :) Going to be hard to focus again today because it's so pretty outside. :)

Well I haven't gotten much written but it's almost lunch time so I'll go ahead and post and hope to post more after lunch. :)