Monday, August 18, 2008

First off want to say that I really enjoyed going to church yesterday at NewSpring :) It was so awesome and over 100 people were saved in the service I was at. Oh and a bonus the Clemson Football team just happened to be there for the service. :) Guess if I was a Clemson fan I would have known who all those guys were walking past me LOL
Now the sad part of my blog today which I go ahead and give you permission to laugh at when you read. :) Now today was the first day back to school and since I moved the end of last year I moved my son over to Northside this year. We went on Thursday and got his schedule and met his teachers and all that good stuff. Now the funny part which when it was happening I didn't think was too funny I was so upset. :( I ended up taking my son to Merrywood this morning and dropping him off instead of at Northside. Not sure how we did this and yes I said we because Matthew was a part of the drive this morning too because where I wanted to turn he was like no that's not right. Well I dropped him off got all the way back out to the road when he was calling me saying mama you dropped me off at the wrong school. So I had to turn around go back to get in the very long line which was 30 minutes of a wait :( all of which I was crying because how could a mama drop her child off at the wrong school. Parents and the kids were staring at me because I was crying but I'm guessing they figured I had a child just starting school since I was at the elementary school, but if they'd looked closely they would have seen I didn't have child in my car at all. Once I reached the man once again asking if I was going in w/my child or dropping off when he noticed I didn't have a child and I was like no I'm picking him back up and he thought my son had gotten sick already LOL and I was like no but don't ask. Now by the time I reached my son and saw him waiting on me I just busted out laughing so hard and once he got in the car I was like it's all your fault cause you told me I need to go down to the next turn in. He was like I walked in and those kids came up to my knees and I was thinking man we must be having show and tell the first day. LOL Yeah yeah I know I shouldn't have listened to him to start with but it made sense because no one was turning in where I was wanting to turn in. Well I finally got him to the correct school and made it to work at 8:20, and thank goodness I have a great boss because when I called him to tell him I was going to be late I was just a crying and he was so sweet. :) He was like it's going to be alright. My mama was another funny one she laughed and laughed and laughed when I called to tell her what had happened. I am still smiling about it and it's 3:20 now which is what time he's getting out of school. :) I don't think I'll be able to top this one off from being the funniest or craziest thing I've ever done. I can't even blame this on having a Blondie moment.
Well I think wires got crossed this weekend ... my sister had emailed me on Friday to see if I could watch the girls over the weekend for her while she worked and I had emailed her back saying what I could do which wasn't much because I had already had things planned. So she emailed back asking if I could watch them Saturday all day and I had already told her in an email that I'd only be able to watch them Saturday evening. Well I never heard back from her on Friday so I figured she'd found someone to watch them all weekend .... WRONG but she was able to get things worked out so that she could work. :) I ended up going home from work Friday morning an hour and a half after I got to work and I went straight to bed and thank goodness I felt lots better when I got up. I was able to go and meet HOG at a back to school bash. :) That was pretty fun then I went home and read til I had to go to bed. Got up Saturday morning and cleaned on the house then got ready and headed to town. I actually thought I was riding to Greenville but didn't make that trip. :( Then I went and hung out w/a friend and ended up staying there late because of the storm. Got back home around midnight and my power had been out so I was glad I didn't try to drive in the storm. Got to bed and up early so I could get ready to go to Anderson. I really enjoyed spending time w/my friends on Sunday and going to church in Anderson. I can't wait to go back ... I could of listened to the band play a little bit longer but that's okay the final count for people saved at NewSpring Sunday was over 200 according to the pastors blog. :) Pastor Clayton King spoke Sunday at NewSpring and he was great!!!