Sunday, August 10, 2008

Got to start blogging more

Man I've got to start blogging more frequent LOL I'm forgetting things before I have a chance to write about them. This maybe a blog that will make some reading mad, but I've come to realize that my feelings are my feelings and I can't help the way I feel sometimes. I've been very busy at work then when I get home in the evenings I just drop on the couch and pick up a book and start reading until I can't hold my eyes open. :) I'm actually reading 3 books at one time now actually have 4 that I'm reading but I put one on the back burner. LOL Once I finish these books I'm going to stick to reading just one book at a time. Ha-Ha
My daughter found out that she is due March 13th :) that is just guess she wasn't sure of exact dates so she guessed a time period. LOL Guess we will find out the due date when she has her ultra sound done. So I'll update the due date once I know for sure when it is but for now assume March 13th. Wish I could share some of the text she has sent me lately LOL she would die if I blogged them, but I sure have gotten a snicker out of some of them. :)
This past week was one that really stressed me out and I haven't been that stressed in a while. We will begin at 12 am Sunday August 3rd that's when my phone rang and woke me it was my sister asking me if Travis could bring the girls he needed to go to the hospital. I think he got here around 1 am with the girls and I got them laid down and to sleep and I set my alarm clock for 7 am cause Travis said Erin would be coming right after work to get the girls. Then she wanted me to watch them Sunday night so I did. Well the baby cried and/or screamed from 7:30pm to 10:30pm and the other 2 actually laid down really good for me I thought they would go to sleep in no time. WRONG I was still up at 4 am with the older 2 girls and I have to get up at 6 am to get ready for work. So when my sister got here I told her I couldn't keep the girls on my work nights anymore but I could help out on the weekends. I talked to her a few times that week either by phone or computer. Well Thursday morning I got a phone call from one of her friends all upset because she hadn't been able to get in touch w/Erin. So I called the house no answer, called the hospital talked to a nurse there and told her I was worried about Travis' wife my sister and said could you please have Travis call me before 12 as I was leaving work early. When he hadn't called by 11:50 am I called Sandi because who else would my sister call but Sandi? So Sandi filled me in about DSS going to Erin's house and that Erin and the girls are staying w/them now. I called Erin's friend back and told her what I had found out and guess what she already knew what I had just found out she knew when it happened. Well I had asked Sandi to get Erin to call me when she got back and at 4:30 my sister still hadn't called me to let me know anything so I called back to Sandi's and did get to talk to her. I asked her if she would call and keep me informed as to what is going on w/the girls. She sent me a message that night and I'm assuming from what she said that since she is a house guest they will not let her use their phone to call her family. Well Friday went by no call then Saturday she calls saying Sandi wants to know if you can watch the girls this afternoon. I said sure but later Erin called saying that they found someone w/out bedtimes to keep the girls that way they could clean up longer. Maybe it's just me but do people not have set times (schedules) for their lives anymore? Do you not put your children on a schedule? Do you let your children do as they please? I know I'm easier on my son during the summer but it's the end of summer break now and he'll go back on a tight schedule. That should be very fun ha-ha.
Let me tell you he was so worn out when he got home Friday evening. :) He was at a missions trip Monday - Friday in KY ... they left out after church on Sunday and then drove back on Friday. He said they had them up at 7 am and they didn't get to bed until 12 am or after the whole week. We both slept in Saturday :) sort of. I had stayed up until 11:30 Friday night watching the Olympics ... now you would have thought I could have made it 30 more minutes to catch the end but thank goodness for DVR but I still have had time to go back to watch it yet. :( I've been watching the games :)
God is God He is Still in Control and He's worthy to be Honored and Praised!!!